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Lost Nano coins from NanoVault wallet? Please help

Hi, I followed your guide and completed the NanoVault wallet setup.  I send some Nano to my address. Not much but as mentioned in the article I just sent it from the faucet. So not a big deal. Anyways, Today I opened my NanoVault again and see that the coins are lost. However when I check it in explorer its still there in the same address.

The address is missing in the accounts tab and the wallet balance shows zero. As suggested by someone I cleared the wallet and tried re-installing it. But still no coins.  Am I doing something wrong and how do I recover those coins? Thank you.

Looks like your wallet address is hidden in the accounts tab.

Navigate to accounts tab and keep adding new account. You should be able to find your address and the balance should also reflect.

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John Kenneth

Great! Thank you. Now my Nano appears.

BTW which one is the official wallet. NanoVault or Nano Wallet Company?

There is no official wallet. Both NanoVault and Nano Wallet Company is developed by the community and it has no relationship with Nano Foundation.

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