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How to mine Nano coin?

Hi, I've came across several YouTube videos that states "How to mine Nano (Raiblocks XRB) using web browser". It points to this website called but that one seems to be down. I thought Nano is a non mineable coin. Is it really possible to mine Nano or are those videos outdated / fake?

Nano, previously known as Raiblocks (XRB) is a non mineable coin. The max supply of 133,248,290 NANO has been reached already. The funds were initially distributed via a captcha based faucet distribution system which actually ended in October 2017. Websites that claim to mine NANO are not actually mining NANO but other cryptocurrencies. The website which you mentioned "" actually mines Monero, it then trades it for NANO on a exchange and pays you back in Nano.

There is no way you can mine Nano directly. Also remember that these websites that mines Monero / or other cryptocurrencies and does payouts in Nano takes their cut. So if you are really interested in mining Nano then you better mine Monero or other profitable coins and then exchange it to NANO manually.

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