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How to invert charts in Trading View, also is it possible to invert RSI indicator?

Looking to inverse my chart to get a different perspective on technical analysis.

There use to be an invert scale option in the settings menu which I can't find now. I tried adding minus in front of the ticker (-BTCUSD) and also tried "-1BTC", "1/BTC"  but none works.

Also it would be nice if there is an ability to flip indicators like RSI so we can have a different angle and experiment more.

Flip your monitor upside down!

Just kidding. To invert a chart right click on the price scale and click on invert scale. You can do the same for RSI. Right click on the indicator scale and click on invert scale.

You can also use the shortcut key to inverse chart: ALT + I. A quick way to flip chart but it only flips chart. RSI indicator stays as it is.

Hope this helps.

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