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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the forum! This is a community dedicated to discussion of Bitcoin, Altcoins, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Decentralized money. We greatly encourage your participation and we are committed in keeping the participation on this forum a harassment-free experience for everyone. While you're here, we request you to follow few basic guidelines. Be good to each other, kind, respectful and keep the conversation meaningful. Ideally, your participation in this forum should improve the experience for everyone. To get the best experience of this forum please read over the following rules.


Targeting of individuals or jokes based on race, religion, gender, nationality, [censored]ual orientation etc, will not be tolerated at all.


Everyone has the right to voice their opinion. Have respect for people and other projects. Harassment against other members will not be tolerated.

Illegal Discussions & Downloads

Links to gambling websites, illegal downloads, or materials are not permitted. Do not post any NSFW content or content that may be offensive to that means.


You may not post anything digital on this forum that belongs to someone else without their permission. Posting of links (phishing sites) or methods of stealing someone's property (video, audio, software, images) are strictly not allowed here.


No spam, referral links or URL shorteners. Also please do not promote your website, forum, or other links unnecessarily.

Correct Posting

Always post in the proper forum category and before posting, search and look around to see if a similar topic already exists. There is great search function available in the forum.


The main language of this forum is English so keep the discussion in English. Posts that are discussed in other language will be removed by our moderators without any notice.

Topics & Discussions

Please do not post topics unrelated to this forum. Keep your topics aligned within the scope of the forum and please keep it interesting.


Nude pictures, [censored]ography, or links to like material are not allowed.

Language Foul

Language should be kept to a minimum. Stay classy.

Trolling, FUD, Baiting, Repetitive Questions

Repeated trolling, spewing FUD, baiting and repetitive questions will lead to permanent ban.

The above rules are subject to change without any notice. Violating these rules will result in warnings. In extreme cases the user will be permanently banned. By using this forum, you are accepting these rules.


The moderators of this forum have all rights and responsibility to edit, remove or reject posts, topics and comments that do not abide above community guidelines. Also the forum moderators have rights to ban, suspend any members of this forum if their behavior seem threatening, inappropriate, offensive or harmful.

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