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Electrum Bitcoin wallet - No FX rate available - What is it & how to fix?

Hi, CoinGuides

I recently downloaded electrum Bitcoin wallet and sent some funds to it. I can see the transaction and the BTC balance. But at the bottom left next to the BTC balance there is a message that says “No FX rate available”.

What is it? Is it suppose to show the BTC balance in USD (fiat) values? If so then how do I fix it so that the wallet displays fiat currency rates?

Thank you.

btw my electrum client is connected to the electrum server and there is a green light at the bottom right corner.

By default electrum fetches fiat currency data from BitcoinAverage website. It no longer works. So try changing the currency information source from BitcoinAverage website to a different source such as: Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken, CoinGecko, LocalBitcoins or Blockchain info.

Go to Tools >> Preferences

Choose Fiat tab

Change the source to anything other than BitcoinAverage.

Hope it works.

Thanks a lot. It Worked!

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